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Need Kommited Set Of Designers And Developers? They Are Available At Kommitments

Kommitments finds and manages an excellent team and continuously invests in their skills development which help them in advancement of their skills when they work with different successful brands and companies. Our team helps you make enhancements in your brand and company.

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50+ Professional Team Workers

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20+ Skill Categories

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Process Of Developing Talents And Skills

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Skill Reviewing

Each candidate fills out a survey, evaluates their abilities by themselves in different areas of design, and submits their links of previous tasks that our team reviews before advancing them in the selection process.

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Call For Basic Intro

The basic introduction call arranged by our recruitment manager serves the purpose of having an interaction with the applicant, exploring their technical knowledge, and assessing their familiarity with the culture fit, all while evaluating their communication skills.

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Test Assignment

We provide them with a starting task to complete toknow about the actual skill level of the applicant.They follow the similar format as they wouldencounter while working with our customers.

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Group Interviews

At Kommitments, we consider cooperation to be anessential aspect of our dedicated team. However,we think that the hiring process should includeefforts from other members of our core team.

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Our onboarding process includes interactive training,online courses, and 1-to-1 coaching with our qualitymanager to prepare new hires before they work oncustomer projects.

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Creation Of Growth Map For The Investment In The Development Of New Skills

In today's rapidly shifting industry, simply hiring extraordinary skills is no longer sufficient. It is necessary that we allocate resources towards developing new skill sets and offering our designers and developers a clearly defined career path. Our approaches involve

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Reviewing The Level Of Skills
And Expertise On A Monthly

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Enrolling In Weekly Coaching
Workshops With Peers

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Gaining A Link To Recent Online
Courses To Train Oneself On
Slashing Advancements And

New Method Of Hiring A Professional And
Creative Team

Many times, the objectives of remote workers no longer fit with the demands of the firm. The possibility of unpleasant experience rises for both parties due to not being on the same page, outsourcing needs to be revised.

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They Seek Stability, Whereas You Desire Versatility.

It is highly convenient to hire the workers solely for a single project or task-by-task basis. However, this method is difficult to create a stable source of income for them and their families. So, the solution is the monthly contracts and payments.

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They Want To Discover, Whereas You Seek Answers

It is necessary to maintain a fruitful work partnership to collaborate  with dedicated workers. Therefore, performing the task in which they are already proficient will broaden their skill set and professional portfolio. So, the solution is individual training and group training

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You Want Concise Discourse, They Want Awareness.

The primary cause of unpleasant situations when working with remote workers is dealing with communication issues. However, it can be difficult to balance promptly to respond to customer’s feedbacks with completing tasks.  So, the solution is professional and creative project managers

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They Want Acknowledgment, And You'd Prefer To Invest Little.

Cost reduction is often cited as a primary motivation for companies to outsource their work. Nevertheless, certain online platforms create the impression that highly skilled individuals are content to work for minimal compensation. So, the solution is fair wages

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You Want Things Accomplished,Yet They Seek Additional Time

If a worker completes a project quickly, they will need to start looking for new work sooner. There fore, it is important to offer a steady work environment that rewards efficiency in order to ensure a positive experience for both the worker and the client. So, the solution is the commitment with the clients

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They Desire Diversity, As You Demand Constancy.

Working exclusively with a single designer or developer for an extended period of time can cause them to become disinterested. Creative professionals enjoy being presented with new challenges and diverse problems to solve across various industries. So, the solution is demanding the matching skill and talent

Reliable Hiring With Great Experience

Our goal is to facilitate sustainable outsourcing by linking rapidly expanding businesses with talented remote workers. Their objective is to establish mutually beneficial arrangements that provide a positive work experience for both parties.

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Seasoned & Devoted Team

Instead Of Hiring Freelancers For AShort-Term And Project Basis, WePrefer To Work With A ConsistentAnd Devoted Team. We Believe ThatPeople Perform At Their Best WhenThey Have A Stable WorkEnvironment With OpportunitiesFor Growth And CareerAdvancement.

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Wellbeing Concerns

We Take Care Of Our Talents In The Same Way We Take Care Of The Services Of Our Clients. We Prioritize Their Health And Ensure That They Are Getting The Chance Of Health Benefits.

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Social Online Events

There Are Numerous Merits And Demerits Of Working From Home, Such As The Sense Of Feeling Alone. We Prioritize Creating A Sense Of Grouping For Our Staff By Providing Them With Opportunities For Guidance And Enjoyable Brainstorming Sessions..

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Reasonable Salaries

Most Of Our Skilled And Dedicated Workers Live In The Places Where The Expenses Are Lower Than The Expenses Of Europe. Therefore, We Try Our Best To Receive Fair Fees And Have The Chance To Increase Their Salaries By Improving Their Performance.

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Referrals of team members

Our Talent Community Has Grown Significantly Due To Referrals From The Team Members Itself. Their Monthly Team Surveys Demonstrate That High-Performing Employees Tend To Attract More Individuals Of Similar Caliber To Join The Kommitments Team.

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Screening and skill development

We Build Robust Connections And Strong Relationships With The Talents Through Screening And Skill Development. Our Efforts Have Resulted In Us Building Long-Lasting Relationships With Talented Individuals On Our Team.