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Frequently asked questions


What is Kommitments?

Kommitments is a service that can help businesses grow their design and development operations quickly and easily. Instead of dealing with the challenges of recruiting, HR, and talent development, or the inconsistency of individual workers, you can access a variety of design and coding skills, as well as a dedicated project manager, all for a flat monthly rate. We prioritize efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their design and development operations.

What location are you in?

We are a Portuguese Registered business entity providing our subscription services to clients across the globe. Our remote teams are present in the EU, Oceania & Asia.

What distinguishes you from independent marketplaces?

In some aspects, it differs from common freelancing marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr. We never provide access to a significant pool of freelancers, to launch. Instead, we only engage a limited handful of developers and designers who have been carefully screened and appointed on a full-time basis. This ensures the high caliber of our work and permits us to provide consumers with a more tailored experience.

Second, we don't let you interact and collaborate just with the worker. In its place, we offer a committed project manager who will oversee your workload and verify that every task will be done on track and to your satisfaction. This eliminates the need for you to supervise the worker or tackle any problems that might emerge while completing the task.

Finally, rather than just offering a sizable variety of workers, we are centered on producing great results. Our employees are dedicated to meeting your standards and assigned of the highest caliber. Working with us provides you with peace of mind that your project is in capable hands and that you will get the outputs you require to be productive.

Below is a contrast between our services and other mainstream markets.

Getting started

What is the starting point of the process?

  • Visit our premium page and pick out the plan that best fits your requirements.
  • Pick a good plan by pressing the appropriate button.
  • Finish the checkout.
  • Schedule your first task or undertaking by filling the onboarding questionnaire.
  • Join our team for a roll meeting.

Within 12 hours, we'll establish your task board, invite you and your team, and resume work on your first proposal within 24 to 48 hours.

How is the onboarding operation carried out?

The onboarding operation only requires a few minutes to complete. After finishing the website checkouts, you will be directed to fill out an onboarding questionnaire so that we have additional information about your organization and interests.

We'll send you an onboarding email with credentials to your board and linked G Drive folder a few hours after you respond to the survey.

Your project manager will identify a qualified talent for the task with both the utmost priority after reviewing your initial requests, which you're able to provide immediately using the request form.

We generally start working on your projects within 24 to 48 hours, and the subsequent day, we update you on our performance or any tasks that have been completed.

Note: Also, we suggest organizing a quick kick-off meeting in order to address any remaining problems to make sure that you maximize your use of the service. Yet we can fully concentrate on your tasks and projects without the meeting.

How can I request a fresh project or task?

We will provide you a personalized proposal form tied to your board after you are onboarded. Every time you have a project or task to allocate, fill out the form, and your project manager will be alerted.

We suggest adding a number of jobs with various priority levels to the queue to prevent time wastage. Whenever we've finished or been stuck with one request, this will enable us to accept the next one.

All of your requests will be displayed on your work board, which has the design shown below.

How do I schedule a call with your staff to find out more?

Here, at, you can schedule a free discovery conversation with our staff.

We discuss your specific business requirements and goals during this meeting to determine whether Kommitments is the best partner for you.


Do I interact with the developer and designer actively?

Anybody who has worked with a remote designer or developer acknowledges that communication is one of the most challenging components of a remote productive relationship. Most of our talent is non-native English speaking and prefers to concentrate on their skill set. Our primary hiring criteria are technical and artistic aptitude. We don’t really consider customer service abilities for these positions.

As a result, we will assign you a personal project manager who will handle all correspondence and serve as a liaison between you and the talent.

By having a single person who is familiar with your company’s operations and preferences and who can brief new talent when you need it without having to repeat yourself, we can reply to your inquiries more quickly.

How can I connect to my project manager?

In the task comments section of your board, you will interact with your project manager. By doing this, we can keep the conversation on track and understand which job you’re referring to.

Using screen-recording videos and image annotation instead of straightforward text messages is something we strongly advise doing based on our experience working with businesses all over the globe. We will be able to comprehend your thought process ten times more easily, saving you time on briefing and comments.

Can we collaborate utilizing Microsoft Teams or Slack?

Although the prospect of incorporating our team into your Slack or MS Teams account sounds appealing, we really developed an experience where the conversation becomes chaotic and information is lost.

As an alternative, your task board is where all of your projects are coordinated (our project management tool). To guarantee that everyone can comprehend what we are saying, we have conversations in the assignment comments.

What technology do you utilize for task and project management?

We deploy to effectively manage all of your requests and notify you on any changes.

After you register with Kommitments, we'll establish a task board for you and send you an invitation. It is available for free, but an account is mandatory. 

How do I give my feedback and evaluation on the work?

Placing "APPROVED" in a comment under an update is the best strategy to acknowledge a project. All that's required of it is that.

To get input and offer fresh ideas, we prefer screen-recording movies and photo annotation to basic text messages. We will be ten times more capable of grasping your thought process, saving you time on reporting and comments.

Could we set up calls with our project manager for daily meetings?

To provide the best service to each and every one of our clients, Kommitments has strict procedures and workflows.

We often complete daily sprints. This implies that based on the current project stage and your feedback, your project manager creates the tasks for the following day. Our project managers typically don’t have time for impromptu phone calls because they handle numerous client accounts simultaneously.

Yet with time, we discovered that a screen-recording video made with Loom or Bubbles may take the place of 95% of customer encounters. If necessary, we can additionally distribute the film to several team members so that no information is lost.

If you want to discuss a project in more detail, you can always book a call with your customer


What’s the cost of the projects?

In our pricing page, you may browse our rates. There are no hidden expenses.

How do your prices operate?

It works in this way:

Consider hiring a web designer or developer on a monthly salary. Because multitasking is a fiction, as long as the individual is employed by you, you can request that they work on all of your jobs and projects, and they will do so one at a time.

In essence, you are in charge of assigning this person certain tasks. Some activities take 15 minutes to complete, while others could take many months.

The difficulty is that this one hire has a limited set of skills because nobody is outstanding at everything. For instance, fantastic designers are almost seldom outstanding engineers.

You can access a group of vetted designers and developers at Kommitments who have a range of specialities. We handle all of your demands. Your project manager keeps an eye on everything and makes sure the correct individual is assigned to each request as we take over and complete them one at a time.

Adding a talent to your account will allow you to handle many requests or tasks at once. This enables you to adjust the size of your design and development operations each month in accordance with your workload.

Without any additional costs or long-term commitments, you pay us a set monthly charge.

We don’t provide project or per-task pricing, please note.

What exactly are "Requests"?

Whatever you ask us to do for you is a request. It may be a simple tech project or a more involved one like a website design.

You can delegate all of the duties and projects on this page to us.

Are there additional expenses?

We fulfill all of your demands for a flat monthly charge. Nevertheless, this does not include hosting or software costs.

For instance, we will have to use your Webflow account, that you have to pay for, to assist you construct a website.

Can you provide me with a project quote?

Sadly, no. Only a monthly price is available.

Do you accept project-based hiring as well?

A sorrowful no. Only the monthly pricing is offered.

Do you also offer pricing based on tasks or pages?

Sadly, no. Only a monthly price is available.

What does it cost to create a single website?

Unfortunately, this question is as simple to answer as “how much does it cost to build a house?”

The answer is that it depends.

Kommitments does not sell websites in and of themselves, but rather access to designers and developers to whom you can delegate all of your projects. We also don’t just make websites one way.Some clients want a custom-designed Webflow website. Others simply want to use a WordPress theme and change the colors and branding.

Previously, we built websites in two weeks and four months. It is determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • How many pages are you going to need?
  • How elaborate is the layout of your website?
  • Does your website want animations? Exactly how complex are they if so? Do you make your own graphics or do you use stock photography?
  • Are certain qualities necessary?
  • Do you prefer using a premade template or theme over a custom design?
  • Do we have to use a page builder or start from scratch while coding the website?
  • Do you already know what you want, or would you like us to try out some new ideas?
  • Is the content written already?
  • How rapidly do you offer analysis?

But, you can use the following simplification to evaluate the turnaround time for total redesigns:

1-2 business days for the design concept of each page.

It takes 1-2 business days to put together each page. Thus, it will take 5–10 business days to design and 5–10 business days to create a bespoke website with 5 pages, based on the depth of the design and the length of the pages (depending on required functionalities and animation complexity).

Working on internal pages frequently results in a speedier pace. Nevertheless, since every website is different, we are unable to provide a particular turnaround time.

Please remember that we can finish projects more quickly if you are more specific about what you want and have a precise brief and branding rules.

What is covered under your 100% quality guarantee?

Every task or progress update we provide is meant to please you. We are always looking for ways to make our workflows better and, when appropriate, modify them for each client.

In order to stay informed, we also provide our talent community with education on new design trends, tools, and technologies.

Yet, situations may get out of hand. For instance, we misunderstood your needs and moved in the incorrect direction, or a number of designers or developers get sick and are unable to work.

In these circumstances, we acknowledge our mistakes and make up for the lost time by crediting your account with more talents or working hours until you are entirely satisfied.

Do you provide a refund policy?

When one of our staff is absent from work for any reason, we make every effort to give great customer service and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Nonetheless, if you feel the two of you are not a good fit, you would not ask for a return of the first month's wages, just like with an internal hire.

Although not all personal lives are meant to continue, it is frequently clear right away that we are not the perfect companion. As a result, before enrolling, we strongly suggest scheduling a call with one of our outsourcing specialists.

In conclusion, we do not offer a refund policy.


How can I make a subscription payment?

On our website, you can subscribe to the monthly plan of your choice with a credit or debit card.

Your credit card will be automatically charged at the start of each month. But, you will get an email three days before the next renewal to notify you that the next payment is required.

Can I use PayPal to pay?

We only receive payments from credit or debit cards.

Do I seem to be able to pay by bank transfer?

Sorry but we only receive payments from credit or debit cards.

Will you automatically deduct the payment from my bank account each month?

Yes, we will automatically deduct your payment from your credit or debit card as long as you are a current customer.

An email reminder will be sent three days prior to each new payment as assistance. You can pause or cancel your subscription by emailing us if you decide not to continue.

Do you accept simply USD as payment?

Yes we only receive payments in USD.

Scope of the work

What kinds of projects and tasks may I ask for?

Proposals for tasks are distinct from requests for projects.

A task is a brief project that can be accomplished in one sitting or over the course of several days. For instance, developing a strategy for a landing page or fixing a website problem.

A project is anything that takes more than a few days to complete and demands preparation as well as several steps. Creating a no-code app or remodeling a multi-page website are two examples.

This is a list of all the tasks and projects that are included in your subscription.

Do you also create mobile and web applications?

We can currently only provide no-code development and UI design for web and mobile applications.

We don't create unique web or mobile applications. Nevertheless, we're working on developing it and intend making it accessible soon.

Please refer to this page for a comprehensive list of tasks you can assign to Kommitments.

What landing page and website builders are you currently using?

The following page builders are compatible with our skills:

Website page builders

  • WordPress
  • Elementor Pro (recommended)
  • Divi
  • Beaver Builder
  • Oxygen
  • Avada
  • WP Bakery
  • Webflow
  • Shopify
  • PageFly
  • Shogun
  • HubSpot CMS

Landing Page Builders:

  • Unbounce
  • Clickfunnels
  • Instapage
  • SwipePages
  • Landingi

We can also custom-code in:

  • HTML
  • React
  • VueJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Liquid (Shopify)

Do you have the ability to work on non-English websites?

Sure, as long as we can copy the material and paste it into Google Translate and are aware of the purpose of the website, there shouldn't be any issues.

Do you create websites from the ground up?

Yeah, we frequently use Figma for the creation of custom websites and landing pages.

We offer bespoke coding for:

  • HTML
  • React
  • VueJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Liquid (Shopify)

Can WP or Webflow sites be created using Figma designs?

We can, yes!

Which programming languages do your employees have been using?

We have a clear voice and fluency in the following:

  • CSS
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • VueJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Liquid (Shopify)
  • Laravel

Do you offer back-end and front-end development services?

Yes, we provide.

Are you able to operate a headless CMS?

As we haven't worked with headless CMS much yet, feel free to contact us if you see that this post was updated a while ago and inquire as to if anything has changed.

Can you produce animations or motion graphics for my website?

Yes, we can produce animations and motion graphics for your website

Can I acquire an Adobe XD or Figma design just before a site is created for me?

Yes, it is our priority also

Are you able to utilize Crocoblock on my WordPress website as well?

Yes, we are able to utilize Crocoblock on my WordPress website as well.

Can Kommitments reasonably be expected solely for design or development tasks?

Yeah, you have sole authority over the tasks you request.

Both clients who need merely design and those who have in-house designers are supported by our services. We are unaffected by it.

Are you also able to handle copywriting or content creation?

Sorry, we don't currently provide copywriting services.

Have you been working on weekends also?

Sorry, we're only open on Mondays and Fridays.

Can you create websites utilizing one of our standard tropes?

Probably, but to be certain, we recommend scheduling a discovery call in advance to get a complete picture of the technical requirements.

How much time does it require to create a "basic" website?

The short answer is: it depends.

If you’d like a time estimate from us right away, please send us a complete project brief using this template to hello at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

These are the crucial elements:

  • How many pages are necessary?
  • How finely designed is your website?
  • Want website animations? If so, how advanced are they?
  • Do you apply original graphics or stock photography?
  • Are certain features essential?
  • Do you prefer a unique design or a premade template or theme?
  • Do we have to utilize a page builder or personalize the website?
  • Are you certain that you know what you want, or do you want us to attempt out various designs?
  • Is the content created already?
  • How quickly do you provide feedback?

How many hours each month does my designer or developer spend working for me?

Because the amount of hours worked is a poor measurement of prospective productivity, we don't post our employees' working hours on our website. While some people only need two hours to finish a task, others may need up to eight hours (and still come up short).Sick days, holidays, and coffee breaks are all included in a person's monthly salary.

Instead of investing in their skill development to work more effectively, those who are paid by the hour are pushed to labor more slowly and bill more hours.

Kommitments approach this in a way that is more focused on outcomes. At the end of each working day, we want to offer you a proper update on what we did.

Typically, several people are involved:

Designer and/or developer

Project manager/Quality manager/Creative director

Depending on your workload, the total hours are usually 6-8 hours per day/plan. However, if things get difficult, or if you haven’t requested many tasks in the previous days or weeks, we frequently add more hours to your account to balance the working hours.

If you are under time constraints with your projects, we can add extra hours for a few days to finish them and then reduce the hours slightly after the project is delivered.

If you are under time constraints with your projects, we can add extra hours for a few days to finish them and then reduce the hours slightly after the project is delivered.

We rarely receive complaints about long turnaround times. However, we frequently hear that we are working more efficiently as our client’s in-house team.

Do you construct websites on your hosting package or mine?

100% of what we do comes to you or your firm.

As a result, we always design websites using your tech stack and hosting service.

However, we usually initiate the creation on our server and transfer it to your server after you accept the first version in order to improve efficiency.

Do I have a designer or developer assigned to each of my projects?

You will have a dedicated project manager who is familiar with the needs of both your business and you personally. To be able to bring in experts when your request more closely matches their area of expertise, we have a few specialists in our talent community, so the designers and developers may vary over time.

Also, we need to make sure that talents are replaced when people become ill or experience other problems that prevent them from working. But, as long as you don't request someone else, we usually maintain the same talent on your account.

To what extent is the project manager engaged?

Your committed project manager is in charge of organizing the project and managing your daily communications. The project managers will converse with your coworkers via Asana. But, we will not take part in customer calls or show up for weekly meetings.

Are you able to work in my time zone?

Most of our staff members are based in the Philippines and Eastern Europe, and they are available to work throughout regular business hours.

During Eastern Standard Time, our project managers are online. The time difference can be estimated with a calculator.

Can you work on several websites at once?

There are two methods, yes:

  • At a time, we focus on one website. We can even finish two or three websites in a month if these websites simply have a few pages. Simply stated, we are free to change websites every day.
  • If you choose a more expensive plan, we can add more talents to your account and allow them to work on several projects at once.

How do you make sure the work is of a high caliber?

Excellent question.

Behind the scenes, we work hard to maintain our continuously high standards by:

  • We go through a rigorous hiring process to locate the top designers and engineers.
  • strict standards of performance (SOPs)
  • For the most basic tasks, there are clear checklists and instructions.
  • peer-to-peer coaching every week
  • offering specialized training online
  • tracking of skill growth on a monthly basis and calculation of performance scores for each talent
  • Periodic performance evaluations

But we put in even more effort to retain top employees at Kommitments:

  • internal social networking site
  • weekly group conferences
  • distant social occasions
  • yearly team contests with fantastic prizes
  • health advantages

We sincerely care about our skills and that we are developing as a team so that we can promote the growth of your company.

How can you ensure that while you're active on my site, it won't be hacked?

This is our checklist for safeguarding your website:

  • When the website is functioning at its peak, make a backup of it.
  • Swap out /wp-admin for a different slug.
  • Verify that Elementor Custom Fonts has HTTPS enabled for custom fonts as well.
  • Install Wordfence and the Login Security add-on.
  • three maximum login attempts .
  • Create and install reCaptcha V3 in all input fields and forms.
  • Install the plugin to disable comments.
  • Turn off all comments.
  • If comments are necessary, make it a requirement that all comments be personally approved.
  • Turn off XML-PRC.
  • Turn off avatars.
  • Do not advise file uploads; nevertheless, if necessary, internal discussion may be required.
  • Restrict and specify only the necessary file types.
  • Verify that ALL PAGES have ALL LINKS configured to the HTTPS protocol! Avoid launching with a mix of content.
  • Verify that Elementor Custom Fonts has HTTPS enabled for custom fonts as well.
  • If the domain passes muster with Web Trust platforms, run one last scan to see if there are any remaining vulnerabilities.
  • Check Google Safe Browsing to see if the website passes the test.
  • If it's possible, add the website to Google Search Console.

Pause or cancel

How do I terminate my membership?

Please send us an email  with your request to pause your subscription 24 hours before your next renewal, and we will make sure you are not charged for the upcoming month. You will always be emailed three days before your next payment.

Will I be able to pause my subscription?

Please send us an email with your request to pause your subscription 24 hours before your next renewal, and we will make sure you are not charged for the upcoming month. You will always be emailed three days before your next payment.


What is included either by the maintenance plan?

The maintenance schedule covers all kinds of activities required to maintain a website current, such as:

  • Problem fixes for websites
  • Updating Plugins
  • Security Implementation Security Evaluation
  • Webpage Implementation Using a Third-Party Tool
  • Update of Website Information
  • New Blog Article Adding
  • Website Acceleration
  • Backup of Webpage
  • 404 Errors and Broken Connections Check
  • Setup of Google Search Dashboard
  • Setup of Google Tag Manager and Funnel Metrics
  • Setup of the Facebook Pixel, Payment Connectivity, Cookie Consent Forms, and SMTP Checks
  • Optimizing databases
  • Check Bandwidth
  • Checks Across Browsers
  • Reviewing Domain and HTTPS Expiration and Resolving Hosting Problems
  • Setup of DNS for Site Transfer

Is there only one website covered by the maintenance plan?

No, we can work on all of your portfolio websites. But, we only focus on one request instantly, and we only provide you weekly updates as compared to regular ones.


Can I utilize the service for my clients from my agency?

Indeed, a lot of our clients are companies that use us as a colleague in exporting all of their client projects and as an extension of their company.

Do you interact with my company's clients directly?

No, your clients won't know we're working on their sites on your behalf since we'll only be talking to them.

Can I use your white-label service?

Sure, we can casually participate on all of your client projects as your outside team.

But, we won't even speak with your customers on your account, and you won't be able to join them to your task board either. During customer service calls, we don't appear to be a member of your staff yet.

Are the websites you create for me resellable?

Completely! Whatever we design or create for you is wholly yours.


Are you welcoming to the guests' posts?

No, we are not welcoming to the guests' posts at this point.

Does Kommitments have a programme for affiliates?

Yeah, we do, although we're in the process of changing to a new affiliate marketing platform. To get in touch with us, send an email to if you're interested in advertising Kommitments as a side business.

How much profit can I earn from Kommitments as an affiliate?

As long as the customer sticks with it together, we can pay a referral commission of up to 10% every month.

Talent management

If there is a web designer and a web developer then how can he apply for work?

You have to fill out the application form and view the current vacancies on our Careers page. Our HR will get in touch with you soon.

Do you have any vacancies right now?

We are constantly looking for outstanding abilities and skills!

Please visit our Careers page to view open vacancies with us currently then.